Patented tamper resistant protection

With the new JISO socket you can install electrical power outlets just about anywhere without being limited by old regulations

The new JISO outlet provides for improved safety as well as availability of electrical power.

Compared to other CEE outlets JISO improves the safety with its innovative tamper proof protection that minimizes the risk for personal injury.

No need to install a CEE outlet 1.7m above ground or in a locked cabinet. This is required by today’s safety regulations but is very often neglected. JISO meet all required safety regulations no matter where and how it is installed.

Providing electrical power exactly where it is needed is now simplified as the JISO mounting is not restricted like other CEE outlets. JISO is a single-phase 230V/16A outlet to be used primarily in public locations such as boat marinas, camping grounds, RV’s, charging posts as well as in garages.

Unique adapter plate

The unique bayonet adapter plate insert enables mounting of JISO in already existing applications

The JISO adapter plate allows for safety conversion of old outlets without having to redo the entire installation. The adapter plate simply permits the JISO outlet to be attached to the base of most existing outlet models.

The world’s first protected CEE outlet

JISO is setting a new safety standard for CEE outlets.

With JISO you can replace or convert old existing outlets with an electrically safe solution without a costly replacement of the entire outlet. You just replace the female socket. For the end user this means lower cost for switching to a safer electrical installation. For the installer this means a quicker job and more accomplished each time.

JISO is friendly to the environment and to your wallet

The JISO components

JISO Housing

Housing for new installation of protected outlet to extension cord.

JISO Adapter Plate

A bayonet adapter plate for mounting JISO to already existing installations

JISO Outlet

Protected design allows for safe outlets that may be placed anywhere without restrictions

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